Patricia M. Dispenzierei loved hearing from you.I live in the San Diego area for 11 years now and I do miss RPV alot.It is very hot inland.I am still painting and enjoying it as much as ever.I just received your message from my website.They never forwarded it to me until now..I probably have some PV scenes still but would have to look for them if you are serious about seeing them. Pat Dispenzieee patart
-- Patricia M. Dispenziere, 7/7/19

Pat - we have some of your beach club originals it would be awesome to see some more PV beach scenes
-- Mike Beauvais, 7/7/19

Enjoying your architectural paintings. They are excellent, Pat.
-- Gerri Williams, 2/24/18

Beautiful, Pat...
-- Floyd Blum, 10/16/13

Pat, They are beautiful..don't ever stop.
-- Nancy K. Mathews, 10/14/13

-- Ann Walker, 10/14/13

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