Enjoying The Light
Kentucky National Watercolor Society Exhibition                     2011,2012, 2013,2014

Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition                        2010,2011,2012,2013,2014(2),2015,2016

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Exhibition                              2010,2012

National Watercolor Society Exhibition(Travel Show)                2009

National Watercolor Society Member Show                               2009,2010,2017

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society International Exhibit                  2008*,2009*,2012,2013*

Rockies West National Exhibition                                             2009,2010*,2011,2012*,2013-2017,2018

Watercolor Art Socity-Houston International Exhibition   2007,2008,2009,2011,2012*,2013

Transparent Watercolor Society of America Nat. Exhibition      2007,2018

Louisiana Watercolor Society National Exhibition                     2006,2007,2008,2009,2011

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition             2001,2007,2008,2013,2016*,2018

San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition             2000, 2005,,2006*,2008*,2012,2015

California Watercolor Assoc. Nat. Exhibition                        1997,1998,2000,2005-07,2009,2016,2017*

Watercolor West National Exhibition          1988,1993*,2001,2007,2008,2009*,2010,2012*,2013,2016*,2017*

Arizona Aqueous National Exhibition                                       2000,2001,2004

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition                      2000,2003,2005,2008,2011,2014

Knickerbocker Artists Annual Exhibition-NYC                          1989
Brand "Works on Paper" National Exhibition                              1999,2001,2004,2005
Signature American Watercolor Exhibition                         2011,2013,2014,2015,2017,2018
Texas Watercolor Society                                                          2013, 2014

Northwest Watercolor Society Exhibition                                 2014*

Missouri Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibition in Quingdao,China  2018  

note  * signifies an award


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Wow, you've already had a busy year, and it's not even half over yet. Congratulations! I'm setting up a show for the artists at North River Civic Center here in Chattanooga. So far, so good. Gerri
-- Gerri Bauhaus Williams, 3/27/18

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