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I know i'm to late for this class but if you happen to have a cancelation, please email me and i will be ready to go. If not please let me know when your next class will be offered. Thank you. Audra P.S. I love your work
-- Audra Brewer, 10/26/11

http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F %2Fwww.relylocal.com%2Fcalifornia%2Fpoway% 2Fbull-dog-country-car-craft-show&h=5216f. Would love all of your participation, Please contact us.
-- Ramona Band Parents, 2/4/11

I am interested in Sally Quenette's work. Do you have a contact number?
-- Marion Busia, 3/6/10

-- Lauri Nelson, 10/27/09

Please let me know about upcoming events.
-- Cathy Bennett, 5/27/09

Please notify me for your future events.
-- Michael Doucette, 5/15/09

I am interested to receive your monthly newletter and upcoming events, exhibits. Best regards, Teresa www,dominicistudios,com
-- Teresa Dominici, 4/7/09

recently moved to the Murrieta area and would love to visit your area. Please send your monthly email newletters to: kmvas@msn.com Thanks!
-- Kathy Vasquez, 2/1/09

I like what I see here
-- Cova Becker, 9/11/08