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Quarterly Library Art Shows Call to Artists

The Ramona Library is partnering with 2Create Gallery and Ramona Art Guild (RAG) to provide juried art shows at the library that are both interesting and fun.  Our first show will be held the first quarter of 2017 (Jan/Feb/March) and will be wall art only.   We are excited to be providing quality art shows of Ramona and Julian artists.  Each quarter new work will be placed in the library and a Show Event will be held to introduce the Artists to the Community.  Each Quarter will have a Theme and from 10-15 Artists will be able to have one piece of art shown per quarter.  Our goal is to expand into not only 2-D art but 3-D as well which would possibly include up to 20 artists each quarter.


*Theme:  Ramona, a Wonderful Place to Live
(paintings/photos of vineyards, horses, old cars, Ramona landscapes and Ramona historic sites will be considered and juried into the show)

*Submission Deadline:  December 10, 2016
1) There are no fees
2) Anyone from Ramona or Julian may enter
3) Each artist must fill out the application below and submit photos of no more than 2 ORIGINAL works of art related to the theme along with a short description about each piece (which if your art is chosen to show will be placed next to your artwork) 
4) Entries will be reviewed by digital submission.  Photos & applications should be sent to 2 people:  mollyj@begent.com & helenwilsonartist@me.com 

*Artist Artwork Approval Notification:  December 28th via email

*Artwork to Library Saturday, December 31st between 9am and 4:30pm
*Art will be hung Monday January 2nd

*Show Event - to be determined:  
The show opening event will be hosted by the Ramona Library at the library and all Artists showing are encouraged to participate

Please return the information below filled out to both Molly Begent & Helen Wilson at the emails below).   


Please copy the verbiage below and fill out and submit by email to both:  mollyj@begent.com , helenwilsonartist@me.com 

Email Subject:  Library Art Submittal
I would like to submit the following art work(s) to be hung in the January through March Art Show:
First Name:

Last Name:


Alt. Phone: 




Zip Code:



My Art Category: 
Choose the category that resembles your art the closest:  Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed 
Media, Drawing/Pastel/Colored Pencil, Photography, Glass, Fiber Arts, Other

Artist's Statement:  Please include a brief Artist's Bio to included in all printed and 
online promotional materials. 

Photos of y our original art work must be attached to your email as follows:
1. Email 2 photos of your ORIGINAL art with your Application as jpeg (.jpg) files no larger than 1MB (1024KB) per image
2. Make sure your artwork is sized to fill the screen and cropped to just show the art
3. Title each image with the name of the artwork, size, your name DASH and a consecutive 1 or 2 (i.e.: Vinyards20inx30inSmith-1.jpg)

Art Description 
Brief description of one or both of your submitted art work (which will be attached to your artwork in the Library)

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Waiver of Liability 
By submitting your art work you are are saying you have read and understand the deadlines and guidelines of the Library Art Shows and will abide by them. The Library, 2Create Gallery and The Ramona Art Guild assumes no responsibility for damages, theft or loss during setup, the Show Event, time it is shown in the Library, and while it is taken down and returned to the Artist. Insurance is the sole responsibility of each participant. Your submittal also permits your artwork to be photographed for promotional purposes


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