I am a high functioning Autistic person misdiagnosed for the first four decades of life. I have barely left my house in the last five years since many of these realizations were made. My poor social and communication skills had been resulting in meltdown after meltdown and I was unable to handle the "normal" challenges of the outside world. 

I have dabbled in all things creative. .. I possess an over abundance of ideas and not enough time in my life left to make them all.
  Although my Zhibit website showcases the clothing design projects I've undertaken in the past, and the occasional "for sale" creations-- as of 2014 I have dedicated every waking hour to engineering miniatures, so this site has been left up only for archival reasons. I invite you to peruse my instagram page for current work (username- Elusiveartisan)

I am now attempting to make my voice heard via the miniatures-meets-social-media medium. I'm not sure if it's ever been done before and I'm not sure if it will be understood entirely while I am drawing breath in this world... but I have to try. Cheers! 


 June 2016: As a side note, Facebook shut me down 9 months ago after 8 years of daily use because I cannot prove I exist. This has been immensely traumatic for me as all of my connections have been made via their service. I speak in pictures. My memories have been taken from me because of my circumstances. I hope one day the "Standard Operating Brains" of the world will wake up to see that not all of us fit into their neat little boxes of expectations. I have recently written about uncovering the details that were missed here: https://www.facebook.com/Bring-Back-ElusiveArtisan-748709461924685/photos/?tab=album&album_id=780783605383937  


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