I am a university graduate with a keen interest in art and nature. I grew up near the North Downs in Surrey, which fuelled my interest in our natural environment from an early age, due to frequent visits to areas of countryside and nature reserves.

Nature is my main inspiration.  All of my work revolves around nature, representing and depicting not only the beautiful imagery that can be found in our natural environment, but also the feelings associated with it. I never stick to one medium and I tend to adapt or combine processes depending on the concept I am portraying.

I like to use a range of media whilst creating artworks, including; paint, canvas, wood, oil, paper, pen and ink, pencil, sand, clay, fabric and stitching.

I love to travel around the English countryside, collecting images, objects and art along the way. I am always keen to seek new places I have never been to before to inspire me. I am very keen to travel further afield to see what new things I can discover, about the earth, nature, animals and art.


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