Paintings Paintings
My paintings enable me to fully express myself within a piece, in a way which I feel could not otherwise be achieved using alternative media. It gives the opportunity to add an abstract element to my artworks, conveying feelings and emotions through the application of paint. It gives the pieces individuality, and although the work is very personal to myself, the viewer can frequently relate to various aspects of the work, and even if that relation is different, a connection is made and the work has achieved its goal.

Drawings Drawings
I have recently been producing illustrations and drawings based on flowers, involving the millions of different shapes, colours and patterns that can be found surrounding you, whilst submerging yourself in a place of natural beauty.
I have also concentrated some of my pieces on my fascination with insects. I feel that insects have a certain charm about them and the intricacy and detail that can be found within them is incredible. The fact that they are so tiny, but still complex living organisms that can move, reproduce and communicate with each other, is remarkable.

Photography Photography
I have a very large collection of photographs, as I tend to use them as a base to build upon in the other areas of my work. I feel the photographs in this section work best simply on their own in their original form. They depict the exact message I wish to portray and will hopefully evoke the emotional response I was looking for from the viewer.