Sooo amazing! What a talent you have! :)
-- Ryane Burke, 4/26/13

Sallie, Your work is magnificent and the range surpasses the words original and magnificent.
-- Robert Clark, 9/30/12

Sallie Lynn Davis, ArtistThanks Bob. What a sweetie you are!!
-- Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist, 1/29/12

beautiful, oh ya and so are your paintings !
-- Robert Tandecki, 1/29/12

Sallie Lynn Davis, ArtistCheck back soon, there are many more...
-- Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist, 1/29/12

Sallie Lynn Davis, ArtistTHank you, my friends, for your kind comments. I love creating!
-- Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist, 1/29/12

Oh my gosh Sallie!! These are just amazing!!
-- Jeanie Peterson Hertz, 1/29/12

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