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New Originals New Originals (11 items)
This gallery is where you will find my latest work for viewing and purchase.

Originals Originals (15 items)
This gallery contains original art and, when original is sold, gives you the availability of prints. 

Murals Murals (1 item)
Creating a sanctuary where you live in the very place you feel most at peace can become a reality.  Your mural can visually and spiritually transport you to 'that' place.  It would be my honor to create your 'sanctuary'.  Call today for a free consultation.  I look forward to working together to create your peaceful place.

Portraits Portraits (13 items)
Creating a portrait of a beloved pet, family member, wedding couple, children, anything you can imagine and want immortalized for a lifetime.  If you've lost a beloved pet, having a portrait can bring their personality and image back to you and, I've been told, can truly help with the healing process.  Call today for a free consultation.  It may be more affordable then you think.  Looking forward to working with you to create that lasting memory.

Prints Prints (15 items)
Giclee' prints on canvas and paper.

Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist, Carlsbad, CA  92008 - (360) 630-0433

 Sallie Lynn Davis, ArtistCarlsbad, CA360-630-0433