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You are a fabulous wildlife and animal artist. I assist artists in working on their zhibit websites. I don't normally reach out--but I would be happy to advise you on some small tips to add some extra pop to your site. No cost . . . just appreciation for your talent.
-- Shandel Gamer, 5/21/21

How the hell r u?? Would love to talk to you! Sharon & Liz Wagner 760.742.2334
-- Sharon Wagner, 3/10/15

Hello seems so look does your art. You are beautiful! Let's catch up. xxxSusan
-- Susan Blankenship Beckmann, 8/16/14

It was a pleasure meeting you at the hot rod show! Your work is amazing. Glad the Headricks introduced us. We hope to see you at the Fallbrook Art 20th anniversary.
-- Stacey & Abigail Cotton, 4/28/13

-- Grace Schuon Leidt, 6/23/12

Just checking in, I saw Erin yesterday and she said that you were painting again and gave me your sight. Paintings are beautiful as always..
-- Cher Bettencourt, 5/24/12

I'm glad to see you're still painting. Your work is as beautiful as ever. My love to you and your mom.
-- Pat Leidt, 4/15/12

I was just looking at the beautiful plate with the picture of the orangutan that you painted and that your wonderful mom gave to my mom Shirley King, a number of years ago. So lovely. Mom treasured as she did all your art. Love to your Mom if she remembers me!
-- Glenda Bellanca, 4/14/12

so wonderful to see all your wonderful art!!! such a gift you have been blessed wyth. thank you for sharing it! Love you and give your sweet mom a hello hug!!
-- Pamela D Carstens, 3/15/12

love your work
-- Rick Rorabaugh, 9/3/11

Your paintings are so natural and express the magnificence of the wild animal/natural world in a very special way.
-- Robert Clark, 3/17/11

Congratulations on your newly completed painting " Morning Fog ". Looking forward to the rest of the series. - Sylvia Strong
-- Sylvia Strong, 2/3/11

Hope I'm the first to sign your guestbook. Good luck.
-- Dick From, 2/3/11

Sallie Lynn Davis, Artist, Carlsbad, CA  92008 - (360) 630-0433

 Sallie Lynn Davis, ArtistCarlsbad, CA360-630-0433