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I have been a teacher for over twenty-five years and have been teaching art privately in my home studio in Longmont, Colorado for five years.  I teach in both pastels and oils.  My classes have no more than five students at a time, so each student receives the individual help that he/she needs to progress from where they begin.  My classes do not have a beginning or an ending date, but are continuous for as long as the student is interested.  A new student may start at any time that there is an opening in a class, and some students come to class on a  "fill-in" basis when a regular student cannot attend for a short time.  I try to be flexible, knowing that life often gets in the way of attending classes.

Most of my students have been working with me over time and were new to painting when they began. Through our study of the principles of light and color as presented by a variety of Impressionist teachers, I am able to help my students learn to create depth and light in their paintings.  Each student is encouraged to develop his/her own style and encouraged to copy master paintings and use photographs in order to learn different techniques.  I work with each student at whatever level of expertise he/she comes to class with, and help each student build on both drawing and painting skills that will help their art improve.  This is not a quick process, and most of my students stay with me over an extended period of time, until they feel that they no longer need the support of my classes.

I encourage my students to attend workshops and other classes, both as an adjunct and /or an alternative to my classes.  My main objective, as a teacher of art, is to encourage my students in whatever direction the muse leads them.  The image above includes a variety of work from my students.


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Oil and Pastel teacher

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