Artwork - Acrylic on Canvas by Sasanka Ghosh a self taught Artist



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Nice work 
-- Bhavesh Patel, 9/8/21

All the best for a colourful life. May it be immersed in paints and colours, with brushes and pastels talking to one another in a language that you can understand interpret and then open the same for novices like us. With your inspiration may others find the same joy in canvases and acrylics!
-- Anindita Deb Sarkar, 3/26/12

daroon website ta
-- Chaitali, 3/26/12

Quite nice! Best of Luck
-- Kakoli Dey, 3/26/12

Artwork by Sasanka Ghosh

 Sasanka GhoshKolkata, WB, India00919330802895