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Great job!!!!Love the designs,paintings,photo,the entiredthing.Keep up the great job!!
-- Trevor Gobin, 1/9/13

As a Future Fashion Designer Jermaine has paid a vital part in the foundation of my career,as i continue to grow beyond endless horizons i wish to express with great gratitude that without his exquisite work my unique sense of style and creativity would be missing the last piece to the puzzle,Jermaine continue to do what you do to the best of your ability!
-- Zay Richards, 1/12/12

Absolutely wonderful Jermaine. extremely proud of your work, you know amma have to hook myself up with some of your pieces
-- Kim Asger, 6/21/11

I knew that you were a good artist but I didn't know you were that skillful. Your paintings are unique and reflect the singulare way that is yours to describe daily life feelings trivialized as the love, the friendship, the passion or simply the maternity(maternity hospital). Congratulations still for this work, and I am convinced that you are an artist to become there and that we shall soon speak about your works to an international level...
-- Paul, 11/14/10

AWSUM job dude hopin 2 but sum soon
-- Jemima Crawford, 10/20/10

Christine StracciniThank you for your comments on my pieces. Your work is absolutely incredible! You have such great talent. Never give it up! I look forward to seeing more of your work on here. Good luck!
-- Christine Straccini, 9/24/10

I love your subject matter and the execution in capture it….keep up the good work and stay true to yourself.
-- Travell Blackman, 9/19/10

The scenario that i have seen has been and exciting piece of material to showcase. As a Guyanese, i am proud of my brother and wish him all the best with his artforms and Congrats to him as a Burrowes School of Art graduate.
-- Shelton, 8/17/10

I was captivated by this young artist his paintings when I first saw it, particularly because of the poise, complex composition and air of sensuality and sexual nature of some of his artwork. It is both modern and traditional and looks just as fresh today as if painted yesterday. But as with all paintings, I would like to see the real thing to appreciate it fully. As a developing 'artist' myself, though I know its a rocky road especially in Tobago, this young man definitely has potential and I see him making it big in the future. Keep up the good work!!!
-- Steven, 8/5/10

Wow. I'm pleasantly surprised. Great work Jermaine. Cheers.
-- Wayne, 8/5/10

You've got great potential and this could only get better, all the best to you!
-- Floyd, 7/30/10

Really nice work dude just keep it up.
-- Khamisi Slowe, 7/29/10

I'm so proud of you my friend. Your work will now have the global appeal and exposure it so well deserves. Keep up the good work.
-- Unita, 7/28/10

i love ur work i saw u did some wif my eyes n i no dat these r urs n u r soooooooooo talented n i'm happy to see n know dat u r not sittin ur black a** down n not doin anything n i'm very proud of u my lil boy has grown up n doin big things when u will do mines???????????????
-- Lovely Lexy, 7/28/10

Well darling you have finally decided to sell some of your treasures. I must compliment you on your work it is a breath of fresh air. The "Seductive Collection" and "Natures' Harmony" variety are amongst my favorites. Let me advise the public if you LIKE it get it don't wait his work usually sells out very quickly. Blessings and Powerful Positive Vibrations Always Jerry.
-- Gem Maat, 7/28/10

Well done bro!
-- Gtshowbiz.Com, 7/28/10

Keep up da good works my friend...u will make it..
-- Nikita Durant, 7/27/10

this is a very nice site ..nice work keep it uo and you'll reach places.
-- Nogomo Baptiste, 7/27/10

I do admire your determination and must compliment you on this effort. Keep at it my friend and you will sure be successful introducing Jermaine to the world and at the same time showing us your great talent. Good luck!
-- Junior T, 7/23/10

This is a great site for art work. I have never seen anything like it. Big up to the person(s) who created it. Great Job!
-- Kerwin Norville, 7/23/10