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The Art Workshop - Michael John Russell
Mike was born in a small New Forest village half way through the last century. He began to demonstrate a natural talent for all forms of art at a very young age and won his first painting competition when he was just eight years old with a watercolour landscape entry. He painted this piece using a set of water colour paints and brushes that he'd won as a runner up in a national Kellogs competition a few months before.

One of his very early works got him into serious trouble with his parents when, at the age of four years, he decided to paint the family dog with a tin of red paint and a brush that he'd found in his Father's workshop. The result pleased him so much he followed up by also painting his Wellington boots to ensure good coordination prior to his first exhibition in the kitchen. He won a sore backside but nothing would stop his determination. By the age of ten he was making good pocket money by selling cartoon drawings to his school mates...

Mike left the U.K. to live in Central France in 2003.


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The Art Workshop - Mike Russell 
Oil paintings on wood, oil paintings on slate, water colours on heavy paper, glass pressings, studio photography, all available in printed and framed form with international delivery HERE

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