The first artist’s statement I ever wrote contained this phrase, “trying to find myself in my art”.  That is still true but I have come to believe the answer is to Keep Trying.

I’ve searched with an open mind and eager paintbrush, traveled down many pathways and tried different techniques in a variety of mediums.   I discovered a lot of areas that were “just not me” and moved on.  That helped narrow the focus.

My current path is no longer as diverse as it once was.  I have managed to streamline what I do.  It’s more productive, improves quality and hones my skills.

The journey has become my passion.

When I work at my easel I realize that this act is a form of communicating with prospective viewers, as well as a dialog with between me and my inner self.  I begin a piece by knowing what the subject matter will be, and eagerly wait to see what I am going to reveal about it.  Often I think I have a clear direction to take, then find myself making twists and turns I didn’t anticipate. I know a piece is done when there is nothing more to say and I am filled with a sense of discovery.   

Hopefully viewers share my vision when they see my work, and can find their own personal connection with the piece.


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Original Impressions Paintings by Arizona Artist, Sharon Sieben