My first experience in art happened at the recommendation of a friend. A class in watercolor. Even as a novice, i became excited at the possibilities, and the challenge in it. After a few " adult education classes", and much personal agony and experience, my art has become more mature. I've always taken interest in flowers, and they were my first inspiration. At first, these were in marker, but now other media is employed. I generally do art on a flat place, paper and canvas. The media includes marker, pen and paper, acrylic, watercolor, and now mixed media.


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HI Andrew, My 3rd son's name is Andrew.... nice name! I like your work. To answer you question about blending my colors. I really can't explain it other than I become one with the paint. I know that might sound corny but it's true. I've experimented along the way. I find have fresh clean water near by is necessary. I don't use a cup to dip my brush. I use fresh running water. This helps to reduce "mudding" the paint. All the best to you my friend. Keep in touch on your journey. I just started e-commercing like a maniac. Setting up storefronts everywhere. Check out my brand. www.benfattifineart.com www.ellenbenfatti.com In Harmony, Ellie
-- Ellen Benfatti, 9/25/14