Oh my, Your GrandFather Moon is wonderful. It brings loving thoughts to my mind.
-- Jerry Finn, 11/25/21

The Alaska fireweed is special as it reminds me of Salmon Lake north of Nome.
-- David Allred, 5/21/18

So fun to see your art Susan! I love your painting God's Berry Patch :-)
-- Linnae Reeves Cappellino, 9/21/15

Great work - how can I get a copy of Auka? Also have you done any airplane bush planes?
-- Bobby Evans, 2/27/15

Susan, I didn't know you had this website, was so pleased to be able to look at your work, very interesting and lovely!
-- Kristine Bustamante, 3/8/14

Susan- I love your website. I"m thinking of you this week in Alaska! Very proud of you! :)
-- Carol Emery, 12/7/13

Susan! I am so proud of you! God has blessed you with a very special talent in Art-Land! I love seeing your work. Keep it up girl!
-- Christine Osberghaus, 8/11/13

Susan, thank you for sharing your art with us, you truly are talented as an artist!
-- Rev. Mark Allred, 5/7/13

Susan, you are a talented storyteller through your artwork. I enjoyed viewing your collection. Thanks for sharing.
-- Susie Delgado, 12/5/12

You are so clever, it was great to see.
-- Anne Sofie Simonsen, 12/4/12

Enjoyed your art. Praise God for your talent. Could see you illustrating children's books in the very near future.
-- Kevin Gruen, 9/5/12

Susan, I love looking at your art work. You are truly talented. As an Native Artist, I envy you. Thank you for sharing! they are Amazing and Awesome!
-- Harriet Cutshall, 7/6/12

Absolutely beautiful work Susan!! You are an amazing artist.
-- Jennifer Litera, 7/6/12

-- John Emery, 7/6/12

Wow. Absolutely Wow! I always knew you were talented in the arts....but looking at your work just now made me smile. Way to go Susan! Best wishes to you!
-- Amy Christianson, 7/6/12

You are so talented Susan. Thanks for sharing!!! I can relate to several of the paintings.
-- David Allred, 7/6/12

Yay! You have great talent. I am glad to see your work has a place to be displayed to all.
-- Sarah Dudder, 7/6/12

I love it! Awesome!:)
-- Marilyn Oliver, 7/6/12

What a great site you have here, and so many fine drawings, you are very talented.
-- Anne Sofie Simonsen, 7/5/12

Wonderful work Susan I just love your work
-- Scott Wheeler,sr., 7/5/12

Thank you for providing such an excellent website!
-- Jerry Ringstad, 7/5/12