Many of these images became giclees, Polaroid Transfers, and multi-media. These are a hint of art pieces and simple photos.

At first, I was living high up in the mountains of Colorado in beautiful Rowena, without heat or running water or plumbing. Some photos are from time spent regularly at the homestead in rural Alabama. Then, I lived by the water at Steamboat Island, Washington, photographing the layers of decay from the abundant rain, the changing edge of the Puget Sound, the creatures, and peeling paint and rust, as well as characters in Olympia. Most of the pieces are from those years, around 2000.

I showed my art in a large number of galleries around the world, such as the Salon Mondial in Luxembourg, and multiple venues along the Spanish Levant, and was featured substantially in journals: I was the Times Journal of Photography's World Class Photographer. I was the artist on staff of MKzine, a magazine bringing attention to social engineering, manipulation, and the vulnerabilities of the human mind.

Later, I settled in the Bay Area. I Art Director at Mad Hatters Review for a few years, a multi-media magazine, where I found artists to illustrate literature, and managed the Art Editors. The metaphysical pieces called Metaportals I made there, years later than the rest of the work on this site. When circumstances allowed, I created visual art throughout much of my life, and I wrote as well, which ultimately took precedence.

Over the last years I became entirely focused on writing, editing, and teaching writing. I have books available, with a novel coming out in the spring of 2014 from Dog Horn Publishing. I teach and edit online. http://lucidmembrane.weebly.com/

About Tantra Bensko Art

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