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I am intrigued by the "how" of your bel canto mysticism: at once delicate in result, but vehement in approach, your art & writings delve into human limbo; and, in share the sacred fire like a suttee so in love.
-- Kato Cleis, 10/24/11

flames that sing inside the world's deepest amber red of far suns red o lost signs
-- G Sutton Breiding, 3/26/10

love your art. and i have your tantra dvd. namaste, jr
-- J.R. Whiddon, 4/15/09

yr art it tingles we here on Earth thank u
-- Todd Wesley Coleman, 2/21/09

Are you ever going 2 have a show of the symmetrical art in chicago ??
-- Bradley Bonghogger, 2/20/09

Still love your work hope all is well SNJ
-- S.N.Jacobson , 1/10/09

I love all of your art. Hope to see a show one of these days!
-- Don Thieme, 7/5/08

Amazing stuff.
-- Suzanne, 3/20/08