Ted Houston's body of work includes oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints.  The subject mater ranges from figurative to landscape to abstract, all within a recognizable though evolving style.  Ted's landscapes are impressionistic, emphasizing color and abstract form, often including buildings or figures.  The nudes present both the beauty of the human form and a feeling or emotion.  The prints range from classical drawings to abstract color. 

Much of Ted's work explores capturing motion or a moment in time, often with a gesture.   A sense of depth and surface, and the interplay of reality and abstraction are also important. 

A recent series is based on Ted's belief that everyone is important and that the essence of life is in everyday moments.  People and context are represented realistically, although not as portraits and with some abstraction to allow individual interpretation.

Ted's work is consistently pleasing to the eye and engaging to the mind. 

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Ted, I like your paintings. You bare a strong resemblance to a friend and fellow officer I served with in Korea. Any chance you were in Don Du Chon Korea in 1972/73 with the 2nd Med Bn? scott
-- Scott Beck, 11/10/16