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Oil Oil
I like to use oil paint thinly in a watercolor style, sometimes building up layers while keeping the freshness and gesture of the subject.  Oils support a richness of color and  can provide a history of brush strokes.

Watercolor Watercolor
My love of watercolor probably stems from my mother being a watercolorist. I like the immediacy of the medium with the ability to freely capture a gesture or to render a detail. It is a delight to see the flow of color on the paper. 

Prints Prints
My main interest in printmaking is to explore form and color as enabled by the medium, rather than to run multiple copies of the same image.  Thus, while I have run some editions, most of my prints are monotypes (a single image) or mono prints (unique prints formed from a common image base, e.g. color variations of a screen print).  My prints include monotypes, silk screens, copper plate intaglio, wood-cuts, and lithographs.

Some Recent Work Some Recent Work
This gallery has selected work completed in the past year.

photography/computer generated art photography/computer generated art
This work is an extension of my painting, continuing a study of time, space, color, and the interaction of abstraction and reality. Some photos are pretty much as taken. In others, I merge the photo with photos of my prints or paintings.

gestures gestures
Gestures are my favorite form of art. The gesture is to capture the essence of the subject in an unlabored way, combining freedom with truth. A gesture reveals the handwriting of the artist.  You can find the gesture incorporated in much of my work.  I have selected a few for this gallery.

Iris and other flowers Iris and other flowers
I cultivate Iris as a hobby.  Naturally enough, I also find the Iris form an interesting subject for paintings and prints.  Some of the work is representational while other is more abstract.  I particularly like combining portraits with the flower forms.

Some of my firends Some of my firends
Our every day doings are an important part of life.  Everyone is significant!  I have taken this as a theme for a series of paintings.