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Terry, your art is excellent along with your books. I am interested to know if you or any of your children do ballet. I know your Mom would be so proud of you and is sending you showers of love and praise from beyond.
-- Molly Hull, 1/6/16

Terry, you are truly an amazing person!! I was so blessed to be able to work with you. I truly learned a lot from you. Your books and illustrations are outstanding!!!
-- Cheryl Osteen, 1/15/15

WOW!!! I didn't know you were an artist too. Awesome-so now I know you are multi-talented as both a writer and illustrator. All little children will LOVE Moose--adorable!
-- Marcia Nass, 9/17/14

Terry, Ellen Graham shared your website with us so we could learn a bit more about you. Two of us (Brian's daughters) are teachers and its neat to see the connection!
-- Gail Mcginty, 7/18/14

Kathy Soules and I reconnected on a phone call yesterday, and she sent me your website. Just starting to explore.
-- Kevin Manning, 6/13/13

Terry, Looking for a phone number to contact you. Please call me to talk. Madelyn Griffin
-- Madelyn Griffin, 6/9/13

Congratulations, Terry! I am ordering several of these books... Take Care, Sherry Burch
-- Sherry Burch, 6/6/13

Terry has been a dear friend since college days and always kept her goals in front of her. Thrilled to see the book published. The first of many quality books, I am sure!
-- Wendi Meyer, 4/5/13

Congratulations, Terry :)
-- Aliah Franco, 3/11/13

Hi Terry, I'm honored to be a fellow GAP angel. Wishing you all the very best. Warm regards, Donna
-- Donna Mcdine, 1/27/13

I live and work in Long Beach, Calif. Terry taught 6th grade at my school years ago. We still keep in touch with Terry's yearly Halloween letter. God's Blessing with her Kids Books!
-- Lynne Charette, 11/28/12

This is the 1st time I received this information. You've been one busy gal doing great things! Looks fabulous. Judy
-- Judy, 7/5/12

The website looks great. C.
-- Chris, 2/26/12

Your illustrations are stunningly bright, original and creative.
-- Judy Kaplan, 1/20/12

stunning work dear friend
-- Wendi Meyer, 12/26/11

How exciting! Your work is so beautiful, sophisticated, and accomplished. I am looking forward to the "Moose at the Bus Stop" Best Regards, Jeane
-- Jeane Moyer, 11/7/11

Congratulations Terry. I can't wait to see you in Deland soon and hear all about what has trasnpired since our last gathering. Nora
-- Nora L'heureux, 10/1/11

Wow! What a great accomplishment. Congratulations to you my dear friend.
-- Brenda, 9/26/11

Terry, I am amazed and extremely happy over your accomplishments. The galleries are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.
-- Grace Fair, 8/31/11

really cool . looking foward to read them to grand kids
-- James Gibson, 8/22/11