textured bookmarks for tangible books: crystal. glass. velvet. metals. stone ... made in the USA.                  

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is:   a guardian/place-keeper for hardback, paperback, leather and cloth bound tomes. books. journals. albums. treasure …

Books ~
are:   texture in your hands, as each page turns - dried flower traces. inked notes. new pages. ancient pages. dried candle wax. dried tears. essential oil drops escaped, mid-spell, when the mage’s playful cat chased the castle rat … 

The Restless Bookmark ~
is:   nomadic. gypsy. wandering from page to chapter. the next book. trilogy. author. bookcase. wizard …
is:   sometimes anchored to one special volume. time standing still for a while. a dragon’s nap.
is:   velvet, tapestry. timeless, edgy steampunk. smooth satin. weaves.
It is fun searching for and procuring lovely fibers, crystals, beads, stainless and mixed metal materials for these textured bookmarks; and, handcrafting them - one by one. They are pretty to look at and great to touch!

I hope you will find something that you love, for yourself or to gift.
Thank you for visiting The Restless Bookmark!

velvet and crystal book gift

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Just received several unique and elegant bookmarks and they are even more beautiful than pictured! The packaging is done with such delicate care, you know you are receiving something special the moment you open the box. If you treasure your books, you'll treasure these bookmarks too!!
-- Holly Klein, 1/24/20

Love! Got a couple of these to give as Christmas gifts. It was hard to choose because these bookmarks are all beautiful. They came quickly and in a nice gift box!
-- Jane, 1/11/20

Gorgeous bookmark! Even more beautiful in person; jewelry quality. I will be buying more.
-- Charlie, 11/17/19

where can I buy velvet bookmarks? therestlessbookmark.com
USA made. bookmarks for real books only. lovely velvets.
with crystals, glass, metals, stone. vintage. tapestry, satins ...
bohemian style, pure textures, and steampunk bookmarks.        

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