the restless bookmark. about.

... creating with remnants. crystals, fabric, metals. tiny gears. tinkering. sewing, gluing, attaching ... some how ... threads, papers, trinkets, beads. I love to make original treasure. accessories that no one else has ...

I love: books. sci-fi, fantasy, romance. popular mechanics magazine. huge windows. huge trees. cats. dogs. music. rain. walking. changing around rooms. coloring. fine-point pens. watching Heartland.

'along the path ...'

The Restless Bookmark

steampunk velvet bookmark brass rose

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where can I buy velvet bookmarks? therestlessbookmark.com
bookmarks for real books only. made of lovely velvets.
with crystals, glass, metals, stone. vintage. tapestry, satins ...
bohemian style, pure textures, and steampunk bookmarks.        

 the restless bookmark • Nevada
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