About Timm Picknell

Timm Picknell is a self-taught photographer who began taking photographs over forty years ago. 

At work, Timm was always surrounded by nature. He started taking photos to share his daily experiences in the woods with his family and friends.  Photographs of sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, mountains and animals caught in their natural surroundings followed. 

Timm started with a Kodak Brownie and progressed to his present Nikon camera. Changing with the times, he now uses a digital point and shoot. The cameras come and go, but Timm’s interest in sharing the outdoors has not. 

Timm photographs the sights that inspire him.  He hopes that others can feel the joy, sights and feelings that he experiences in his daily life at work and at play. 

Timm exhibits his photographs in many locations throughout Central Oregon.


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