Artist Statement
Through the use of collage, drawing, painting and video I use my work to explore the world through a personal and feminist perspective. The anxiety and degradation of the female psyche created through mass media's exploitation of women; particularly in fashion magazines, advertisement and film have been a consistent theme throughout much of my imagery. These messages clearly and subtly objectify, diminish, exclude and reinforce a woman's place of submission in our society.  Whether I am navigating these issues or delving into the application of a particular media or traditional subject matter, the perspective of being a woman who strives for more from the world is at the core of my work.

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Tracy Brown Art*and evaluating, I can’t edit that for some reason. :)
-- Tracy Brown Art, 7/12/20

Tracy Brown ArtThank you so much Keith! 
-- Tracy Brown Art, 7/12/20

Tracy Brown ArtThank you so much Rebecca! Your input means a lot to me and I’m so happy to hear your thoughts, especially the part about thinking are evaluating! ❤️
-- Tracy Brown Art, 7/12/20

Tracy I love seeing your art, not only is it pleasing to the eye, I always makes me think and evaluate it. You are amazing!!!
-- Rebeca Stroup , 7/11/20

-- Tone, 5/17/15