Tracy Brown Art Tucson AZ.
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Studio: Solar Culture 31 East Toole Avenue Tucson, AZ. 85701 (520) 884-0874

2005 Michigan State University BFA with a Major in Education
2005 History of British Women with a focus on British Woman in Art. Summer 2005 Michigan State University/ London University
SELECTED group and solo  Exhibitions (**Internationally juried *Nationally juried

*#WOMAN, Marilyn Federation of Art Curve Gallery.  An online exhibition by Juror Lynn Russell, of National Gallery of Art. 

**MELTDOWN, Limner Gallery Hudson NY. A SLOWART productions show created and curated by SLOWSKI. 
We are living in an age of global crisis - of catastrophic MELTDOWN, a crisisthe proportions of which, sadly, needs no description.  Historically artistshave foreseen, described and been inspired by crisis. The subject of this exhibition is every aspect of the MELTDOWN crisis, be it global,personal, environmental, financial, psychological, scientific and/or spiritual.

**Have a H'art, fundraiser for sweet art productions, Stash Gallery , London.


**The Democracy Scrabble Project,  (.BOX) video art project space Milan Italy.

**The Democracy Scrabble Project, Hamburg Germany.
Democracy and freedom are among the highest goods we have in the western world and it seems to us that it is time to think about what we think, democracy stands for or at least about the cloud of meaning that comes with the word “democracy”. The Democracy Scrabble Project, is an international conceptual video art exhibition created by Jonas Nebe and curated by Jonas Nebe and Anna Corpas.

Solo Exhibition
Tracy Brown Art Tall Boys, Tucson AZ. 


Ladytowne Live, The Flycatcher Tucson AZ.
A live podcast that aims to celebrate bad-ass Tucson ladies via engaging conversation and music, hosted by Miranda Schubert.

**Sweet Art Present femfest, FemFilm Night, Ugly Duck London.
Sweet Art's femfest was borne from Sweet Art's missions and values and identifying a need for arts festivals to focus on and privilege the voices and experiences of those identifying as women. An array of performance artists, filmmakers, visual artists, makers and designers were selected  to feature throughout the festival.

Chick Magnet, 191 Toole Tucson AZ.
Chick Magnet is an All-Female Art & Music Fest featuring an exciting lineup of some of the raddest n' baddest creative women in the desert.

Solo Show, "Lost Histories" Solo Exhibition Brooklyn, Tucson AZ.
Lost Histories examines the social and personal effect in the mass consumption of exploitative, toxic imagery of women within our visual culture.

*Uprise, "The Angry Woman Exhibition", The Untitled Gallery Trebeca NYC. Curated by Indira Cesarine
The 2016 election has brought to the surface extremes of sexism, racism and discrimination. A dark cloud looms over those who respect ideals of equal rights, human dignity and humanitarianism. A resounding number of people are feeling a heavy weight of anxiety and sadness as well as a newfound sense of urgency and determination to be more involved and socially aware. Artists are encouraged to empower themselves and others with works for the “Angry Women” exhibit that respond to the political and social climate as well as explore themes revolving around feminism today and female empowerment.

Nasty Women, The Knock Down Center, Queens NYC
This is a group exhibition that serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights. It also serves as a fundraiser to support organizations defending these rights and to be a platform for organization before the Trump Presidential Inauguration in January

*F*CK YOU In The Most Loving Way, Arc Gallery San Francisco, CA.  Juror Shannon Rose Riley. This exhibition revisits the critiques of women’s relational gender roles presented in the 1972 landmark feminist Womanhouse exhibition.  At a time when rude and crude discourse seems to be increasingly the norm, this exhibition explores how self-identified women are choosing to express their discontent with prescribed and outdated binary gender roles.


New works by local Artists utilizing FOUND and Re-PURPOSED
materials. As our world is filling up with trash at an alarming rate, we must begin looking ahead to creating Art in a post-consumer future. Curated by Ryen Eggelston Floor Polish, Tucson AZ. 

 **"One Minute Short Films" one minute international film exhibition at the New Boheiman Gallery, Brainerd MN

"The Idea of Beauty", Show Case of Fashion Monster Series. The idea of beauty was a carport theater performance produced and directed by Kathy Keller.  The performance and costume design of the fashion monster's was conceived by Diane Conrad Warren based off of  the Fashion Monster series, The Carport Theater Tucson, AZ. 

"La Imaginera", International Video Art Documentary by Andreina Bustillos, Venezuela.

**"Like it or Not, Social Media, CICA Museum. Czong Institute of Contemporary Art, Gimpo South Korea


Solo Exhibition-"Insatiable" Tiny Town, Tucson AZ. 

* 'Tales' Monogalia Art Center, Morgantown WV

Solo Exhibition- 'Fashion Monster' La Fashionista, Tucson AZ.
Artist Talk 'Fashion Monster' exhibition at La Fahionista, Tucson AZ.

'Inspire' Tucson Contemporary Womens Art Collective All Women's Art Exhibition. Yaybig Gallery, Tucson AZ. *Co curator

*'Contemporary Women Art Show' Juror Maria Medua director of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery. Chico Art Center, Chico California.

'Women of Tucson' Open theme exhibition. Tucson Contemporary Women's Art Collective first exhibition. TCB Gallery, Tucson AZ. *Co-Curator 

'Dizzyland' An exhibition with a modern take on Disney. Spirit Art House, Yay Big Gallery. Tucson AZ.


* 'Eyes on Detroit' Gallery 555, Detroit Michigan

*'Women's Rights-An Artists Perspective' Curated by Karen Gutfreud Online exhibition.

*'The Petroleum Paradox' (traveling exhibition) Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA. Juror: art critic, Eleanor Heartney contributing editor to Art in America, Art press.

*'Capturing the Wonder of Woman' Women’s Museum of California, San Diego CA. curated by Li Huai  with special guest art critic Juror: Robert Pincus.

*'PROVOCATEUR' Riverside Library (127 Amsterdam Avenue @65th Street) NYC


*“Women+Body” Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s Media Cube 338, Gwangju, South Korea, Juror: Tanya Augsburg -feminist interdisciplinary performance scholar. (Press release featured my Piece 'Macho Metal Culture' and is now a part of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation's Media Cube 338's private collection.)

* “Woman+Body” Kepco Plaza Gallery Museum, Seoul, South Korea, Juror: Tanya Augsburg-feminist interdisciplinary performance scholar.

** “Contemporary Women Artist XVI: Longevity” Juror: Beverly Buchanan-an international biennial. Saint Louis University Museum of Art, St. Louis, MO. (catalog cover)

*'Honoring Women's Rights: Visual Voices Together' Juror: Dr. Joyce Aiken, Dr. Ruth Weisberg, and Patricia Rodriguez. An exhibition of artwork that examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women's activism. National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, Monterey County, CA.

“Power, Politics, and Performance” Steinhilber Art Gallery, Madison WI.  

*'Man Up! No Balls About it' Gallery in the Duderstadt Center, The University of Michigan, Juror: Suszy Lake. Ann Arbor,   MI.  

 *“The Petroleum Paradox' Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY. Juror:artcritic, Eleanor Heartney, contributing editor to Art in America and Art Press

*'Momentum' 40 Years of Women in Art, WCA National Exhibition, Juror: Rita Gonzalez-  Los Angeles County Museum of Art,Gallery 825, Los Angeles CA.

*'Gendered Object: Barbie as Art' Anne Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY.
'The Chronicle Project' Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY.


*“Man as Object-Reversing the Gaze” Somarts Cultural Center, Juror: Tanya Augsburg-feminist interdisciplinary performance scholar. San Francisco, CA. Featuring The Guerilla Girls on Tour! Sylvia Sleigh,ORLAN, Annie Sprinkle, May Wilson (Exhibition featured in Ms. Magazine)


Solo Exhibition Tracy Brown Art, Café Passe Tucson AZ.

Private Collections

The Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s Museum collection. Gwangju, South Korea
The Haglund collection, (Miss America 2008) MI.
The Williamston collection, Detroit, MI.
Meon Collection
Mason Collection

 Interviews and Publications


The Huffington Post 
Dazed Digital 
Bullet Magazine 
Nylon Magazine 
Fashion Post Japan
Popaganda Greece
Tabalenote Greece
Kompass Magazine Germany 
Elle Italia 
Marie Claire Brazil 
Lady Gun


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Women’s Museum of California: Capturing The Wonder of Women (Women’s Museum of California San Diego 2013), 3
Math John: All Women Art Exhibition (Jupiter FL. Light, Space, and Time Gallery 2013), 24
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Math John: All Women Art Exhibition (Jupiter FL. Light, Space, and Time Gallery, 2011), 110

Teaching/ Professional Experience  
2007-2013       The Academy of Math and Science, Tucson AZ.
Art Teacher
2013-2014 Current Luz-Guerrero Early College
2013-  Current The Drawing Studio, Summer of Art Master Teaching Artist, youth program

Tucson Contemporary Women's Art Collective Co-Founder
WCA National, International, 2011-Current


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