Cool Vibe SpiralCool Vibe Spiral
Although fast paced, this is rather soothing.
Dancing Rainbow SnowflakeDancing Rainbow Snowflake
The snowflake illumines complex rainbow coloring as it prances.
Floating Ducks: A MeditationFloating Ducks: A Meditation
Two ducks swim endlessly in a flowing stream.
Fractal Rainbow VegetableFractal Rainbow Vegetable
A striking vegetable spouts a series of rainbow hues.
Goose Loves a Rainbow Goose Loves a Rainbow
A water fowl may or may not notice that rocks behind it are shifting in rainbow colors.
Rainbow CavernsRainbow Caverns
Beautiful shifts of color in a rock formation.
Holographic GalaxyHolographic Galaxy
This animation captures the endless flow of the universe.
Rainbow DistractionRainbow Distraction
Waves of color wash over the screen.
Rainbow WhirlpoolRainbow Whirlpool
This animation moves like a whirlwind.
Shimmering Fireworks Shimmering Fireworks
This animation was a hit on the miniblog site of Tumblr.
Streaky RainbowStreaky Rainbow
Bright rainbow colors streak through in an endless loop.
Trippy Steps of Fire: Extremely StimulatingTrippy Steps of Fire: Extremely Stimulating
This is extremely stimulating. Avoid if you have had seizures.

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