Jewish Jesus Art Exhibit


My piece "Sacred Star instead of Sacred Heart" which depicts a more Jewish Jesus will be a part of a Jewish Jesus art exhibit. More information is forthcoming. Meanwhile please read my artist bio at


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My Guest Blog Post at the J Art Blog


Today I am featured as a guest blogger at the J Art Blog, part of the Jewish Art Education website. In it I talk about my the relationship between my art and my Judaism. You can read the blog post HERE.


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Take the Plunge


Sometimes you just have to try. We were at a local County Fair the other weekend. There were only a few sales but we had a great time nonetheless and made friends with the other vendors. There was however -- KARAOKE. I had never sung karaoke before but I decided that I should try it. So I was the first one to sign up. In honor of my hard-working husband, without whom there would be no art business, I sang the Beatles, "All my Loving," At first it was awkward because I started singing early and doing the timing right to coordinate with the screen was not so easy. But my voice held and many people said how much they enjoyed my singing. Now why am I telling you this? Because going public with your art is the same thing. I spoke to three people (who happened to be vendors) who were artists and wanted to get their art to the next level. One did fantastical combinations, such as of the sun and the moon. One did otherworldly creatures. A third did animal pictures and anime characters. One thing I suggested to all of them was to start showing their art on a website. I recommend a free blog to begin with. I started going public with my art using Blogger, but there is also Wordpress and many others. You can then consider sharing your art with the wider community with Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Next you can think about submitting your art to group shows using CAFE. Join your local artist association and get into local shows. Think about doing art fairs and local events. For free, you can join Art Fair Insiders which can give you both advice and the inside scoop on whether a given Art Show is going to be good for you. Don't be shy! Take the plunge and share your great art with the world!


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Living in Joy, National Jewish Retreat, August 8-11


Today through Sunday at the National Jewish Retreat, Creative Soul and the Jewish Learning Institute is having an international art exihibit, curated by Rabbi Yitchock Moully, at the Hilton of Alexandria. Three of my pieces were chosen because they reflect the theme of Joy: Lady WisdomKeter, and Tangled Web All three are printed on metal for dramatic effect.

I have been increasingly interested in creating Jewish and Biblical artLady Wisdom derives from the Book of Proverbs; Keter is an aspect of Kabbalah and Tangled Web was chosen by the curator as a third piece, reflecting the interconnections of joy throughout the cosmos.

This marks my second Jewish art show, the first being the "Freedom Lived, Freedom Imagined" art show in Saint Louis., where I exhibited the piece, Miriam's Well. It is also the second time I have been in a group show without being able to be there in person myself. It is nice that I am able to participate in shows all over. Alexandria, where this show is taking place is very close to were I grew up, which is also nice.

If you are attending the National Jewish Retreat, I hope you have to see my work and the work of all the other artists and enjoy it!


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