A Dash of Rainbow A Dash of Rainbow
The rainbow represents the full spectrum of visible light and symbolizes the inclusion of All That Is in all of its diversity. Young people on the miniblog platform Tumblr are especially devoted to rainbow art. You may also enjoy the following rainbow-related animations: Dancing Rainbow Snowflake, Fractal Rainbow Vegetable, Goose Loves a Rainbow, Rainbow Caverns, Rainbow Distraction, Rainbow Whirlpool and Shimmering Fireworks.

Energy Art: Soothing Energy Art: Soothing
Everything, including art, is a form of energy. By using the designation, "Energy Art," I am signaling that this artwork is particularly effective is bringing the viewer into a specific energetic state. The art in this gallery is intended to soothe, refresh and provide a space for meditation. I also recommend that you check out my floating-ducks-a-meditation animation; it's also very soothing.

Energy Art: Stimulating Energy Art: Stimulating
All art of course is Energy Art. I use this label to denote art that I think will specifically help you at a particular energetic level. The art in this gallery is meant to be stimulating, to help get you out of a rut and feel inspired to do those things that are authentic and life-enhancing.

Jewish, Biblical, and Kabbalah Jewish, Biblical, and Kabbalah
I am a student and teacher of Judaism and the Hebrew Bible, so it's not surprising that I draw on these themes in my work. Some of them are more challenging and less well known than typical art of this kind. I also have done a series of paintings that evoke different aspects of both humans and the universe that are called Sephirot in the traditional study of Kabbalah. There is also artwork related to particular Jewish holidays. 

Mystical Journeys Mystical Journeys
Although paintings are usually two-dimensional, they nonetheless can take us places. This gallery includes artwork that is particularly related to matters of the cosmos, the multiverse, sacred geometry, and all that calls out of spirit. Come journey with the art and see if you find your inner sense of things enriched. The narrative relating to these paintings is designed in a particular order, but by all means feel free to jump around as the spirit moves you. In particular, note art relating to dreams, Atlantis, the Buddha, the galaxy, otherwordly beings, and humanity's shift to higher consciousness. For specifically Jewish mysticism,please visit the Kabbalah section in the Jewish and Biblical gallery or begin with this depiction of heaven.

Wild Nature Wild Nature
This gallery features landscapes, weather, plants, and animals. You may also enjoy the paintings in other galleries such as Jellyfish Rumba,  Pink Buddha Gorilla, Eagle High Spirit and the stormy animation, Rainbow Whirlpool. The gallery is arranged in a sort of order, moving from landscapes to the sun and moon, weather and seasons, followed by plants and animals.

Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs' Uplifting Art: Bright, Colorful Art That Boosts Your Mood

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