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These paintings are both inspired and beautiful. Thank you!
-- Charna, 11/10/15

I enjoyed your gallery of art, Naomi... and very nice to meet you and your husband, today at Apeizza e Vino!
-- Branka, 10/19/15

This is so cool, Naomi! If we ever make it to Boulder (which I hope will be the case before we leave Albuquerque), I would love to see your gallery.
-- Hilary Lipka, 6/24/14

Beautiful Naomi!
-- Randi Savage, 6/23/14

Hi Naomi: Thank you again for hosting a wonderful seder last Monday, April 14. Scott and I are very appreciative of your culinary expertise, Judaism wisdom and excellent hosting skills. Thank you so very much. Additionally, I am very interesting in your art and totally plan to purchase from you. I'm most impressed and inspired by your selection of colors. Shalom, Janet
-- Janet Blair, 4/21/14

Naomi's work is full of wonderful and different mixtures of color. I enjoyed all her still pieces, but the animations made me a bit dizzy. Good luck to you, Naomi!! May you have a long and successful career! Sincerely, Alice
-- Alice J., 4/2/14

Very nice work Naomi, I am also doing paintings based on my studies of the sefer ha zohar.
-- Rod Borghese, 11/25/13

Aunt Ina Mae shared your website with us and we enjoyed looking at your beautiful work. Julie
-- Julie Frankel, 10/20/13

Love your work!
-- Amy Gallagher, 9/3/13

Beautiful artwork!
-- Ina Mae Frankel, 9/3/13

I love to see your art. It does brighten my day. Love to you and David
-- Jody Liebman, 9/3/13

Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs' Uplifting Art: Bright, Colorful Art That Boosts Your Mood

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