Sketching on iPad with ASketch


Even though I am a computer programmer, I've never got into using digital tools for my art work. I've always thought computer graphic tools lack the tactile touch that I needed and too complicated to allow me to be spontaneous (not that I am spontaneous). Well, this week I've discovered an app on my iPad that comes close. It's called ASketch. It renders lines and shading almost like charcoal and it was so fun drawing on it.

I also went out and bought a Targus stylus. I just don't like drawing with my fat fingers. I must say that even with a stylus the capacitive screen still not responsive enough. Many times I have difficulty getting the line I want because of the fat rubber tip of the stylus.

Another thing I discovered today is a web site called Figure Drawing Training Tool. It flashes photos at you at specified time interval for gesture drawing. Some of the photos are really good. With the Figure Drawing Training Tool and the ASketch iPad app, one can have a great time at home practice gesture drawings without killing bunch of trees.


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Didn't know this Ipad feature..another way to be creative, it's amazing! nternorm/windows/triple-glazing.html
-- Coleman, 10/22/12

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