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Nice talking with you today! Enjoying looking through your gallery of works. Maybe I'll come paint with the group this summer!
-- Nancy Avalon, 4/20/20

Wow! Quite a collection of work! Very impressive, but where's my portrait??? :)
-- Susan Huang, 4/13/17

Wow! Your work is really amazing! I appreciate your abilities to capture expressions, personalities and mood, as well as the variety of compositions, and the way you effectively depict hair. Enchanting! Great work!
-- Erin Tajime Castelan, 5/17/16

Nice pieces keep it up.
-- Josh, 12/12/12

wonderful websight and great art ! You have it going on William.
-- Carol Hamersley, 10/14/12

R. Allan ListerLove your work!
-- R. Allan Lister, 7/27/11

I like your work. How much do you charge for your portraits? Do you do them from photos.
-- Lucille C. Valentino, 3/6/11

Hi William, I just viewed your work from 2010 and I have to disagree with your comment that you feel you are not " Progressing ". You are already a Master, my friend ! God Bless, John Keaton
-- John Keaton, 1/6/11

Hia William , loved your website , you have a great hand with pastels , I love them greatly , in fact just bought some more the other day , lol, I love talking art supplies ...sighhh , my best to you !! Sandra
-- Sandra , 12/3/10

William, You are really talented. It's about time you shared your artwork with the world, and maybe make some money while doing it. ;) Sheryl
-- Sheryl Hood, 9/16/10

Gorgeous work!
-- Heidi Emily Adams, 2/24/10

Felice CiprianiHi William Great Drawing Bravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 1/1/10

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK, William! Have a wonderful holiday season!
-- Caroline (Zarlengo) Sposto, 12/8/09

Wow! These are really good. I'm quite impressed.
-- Michael Kalinowski, 7/23/09

Wil! You rock! I love your drawings and looking through your web site I don't think you've ever drawn better than you are right now! You are so god that writing to you causes me to put exclamation points at the end of all of my sentences! Seriously, you have major talent and you continue to amaze me with what you can do with pastel. Your art pal, Larry
-- Larry Anderson, 6/23/09

Hey William, it is me again. I stopped by the Student Artists League a couple months ago to check it out. I've been thinking about taking classes there myself. Great art work!
-- Peter Van Pelt, 6/1/09

Christopher Crooks DesignsGreat colors. Very painterly and good draftsmanship. Great stuff!
-- Christopher Crooks Designs, 1/8/09

wow! i wish my site was 100th as nicely put together.. some really promising work ! -kevin
-- Kevin Wueste, 1/6/09

excellent website you have improved greatly
-- Terry Ludwig, 11/13/08

Hi William, I spend half a year in Boulder. I should be back end of March 09. Lets try to meet if Ok by you. You may visited my website:; I found your nice work on Regards Albert
-- Albert Barcilon, 10/4/08

William Char's portrait and figurative art work