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Opening last night of my solo show in BostonThis month, don't hesitate to push the door of the French Cultural center in Boston. 53 Marlborough Street. Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9am-9pm, Saturday: 9am-5pm Friday by appointment.
soothing"Music has charms to soothe a savage beast". ~William Congreve
Oh my! I sat on a can of tuna!A can of tuna's journey on the C train
Little Waifs of LifeFor the past several weeks I have been working on portraits of children. They are inspired by early Americana narrative painting of which I am always drawn to. When I enter a gallery it is always the narrative works I gravitate towards.
First exhibition "hors les murs nearby NEVERS: March 3-20 Daily from March 3rd to 20th, (10-12 am and 2-6pm) series of sculptures realized by Jean CLAREBOUDT (1944-1997) at Alexander CALDER Foundation in Saché will be on display at Gererd PHILIPPE showroom in Varennes-Vauzelles 58. Les PASSAGES, série unique de Jean CLAREBOUDT à l'Espace Gérard Philippe à Varennes Vauzelles du 3 au 20 mars 2015
Art Notes from Dana Levine - March 2015 "Double Exposure: Coming and Going" at the Oceanside Museum of Art
Diana Martin ArtistThis gallery is an assortment of my art pieces, everything from wildlife to abstract to figurative and fantasy...
Digi Release and Blog Hop February 2015 Happy Friday, Lovelies! We are enjoying the Rodeo Holiday weekend here in Tucson, which means it is a wonderful, long weekend. Which also means there is no school until Monday! So the kiddos and I got to sleep in this morning... it was awesome! There are two exciting things I have to share with you today...
Coastal Artists' Rita Shulak in "California Dreaming" ExhibitRita Shulak, a member of Coastal Artists, will be showing her gorgeous painting"California the Beautiful" in the 2nd Juried "California Dreaming" Exhibition at the L Street Gallery, Omni Hotel, San Diego. The exhibit is curated by the Oceanside Museum, the Laguna Art Museum, and Kay Colvin of the L Street Gallery, and will run April - June.
Speaking of the MoonSusan Cohen Thompson's studio is home to several new oil paintings with birds, leaves, vines and the moon as the predominant subjects.
P.O.T.A. Featured Artist: BRACHAIMPlease click the link to read My Blog go here:
Summer  marketsSummer market dates firming up for 2015 Everett Sunday market 11-4pm starts mothers day May 10th. Mukilteo2- pm market starts Wed. June 3rd we will be there the first two Weds of each month thru Sept. Edmonds Sunday market papers are still out but hope to be same place as last 3 years on the hll .
New Exhibit schedule for Noric Fine Art GalleryNoric Fine Art Gallery - Call for Art for Solo Shows. If you are an artist having a collection of art for a solo show with a contact list of possible collectors of your work and family and friends to invite; contact the gallery to be added to the list. The months available are: April, June, August, October and December 2015.
Great Falls Montana western art days.I will be showing my new western art at the Town House Inn, room 232, in Great Falls, Montana from March 19 - 21 2015. Ann will be showing with me so if you can make it to our venue I would appreciate it.
Great Northwest Glass Quest rap up 2015The 2015 Great Northwest Glass Quest is over thanks to all the questers for making it a record breaking event this year. Glass Quest had over 100 people weighting to questing in the field behind the hot shop on the last day (WOW!!!) a new record. My dad set a crazy record for having a clue ball hidden in the back field...4 days 3 hours and 40mins ( it hurts to say ill probably never beat that)...
Fibonnacci : Harmonic Mean : Golden SectionFinite and Infinite Proportions
A hazy February afternoon in Swindon Old Town GardensOil on board 10"x 12"
ARTIST RECEPTION TONIGHT!Please come to the Provident Bank tonight from 5:30-7pm at Market Square in Portsmouth, NH.
Remembering Is Such A Beautiful ThingFrom Miriam S-A emissary of the true realm, burden crowds my vision here momentous kingdom drawing near and i request a sentence into orbit the frequencies you so willingly transmit embracing of a perfect light from beyond the darkened night beguiling starlight overwhelm fathoming the longing in sight remembrance dewdrops along the pier wrap around my dissipating fear the notion of ascending causation teleport us to god's space station your branches linger upon my drift waves of conscious laughter as a...
 New Beach Paintings February 2015Acrylics on 300 pound arches watercolor paper.

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