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Academic writing directory

Categories :: Literature :: Academic writing

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Gwen ToothGwen has studied painting, printmaking, book arts and textile arts. Gwen is currently painting with acrylics. Her painting style is a blend of expressionism and Fauvism. Gwen teaches approaches to expressive abstraction (acrylics),and drawing.
Mara K. Pierce ArtFine Art, Commercial Art, and Artist/Teacher/Researcher Information
  P     A    P    A     Y       A      T     R     U     L   Y  1987: BORN LA, C.A, USA
Matthew Craig WellsMatthew Craig Wells Ph.D., also known as Matt "Luther" Wells of the blues-rock band Blue Steel 44 is a political philosopher, poet, author, songwriter, musician and artist....His music has reached an international audience....
Marlene CooperDigital and Traditional paintings from the American artist Marlene Cooper.
Peter J. O'Lalor, Ph.D. History and myth join together. Design of the page as important to Raphael as the colors of his masterpieces. Second place in art show but moved on to Liberal Studies; making my way through while working with and advocating for persons with MR at risk.
Samuel Golc- Fine ArtSamuel Golc is a painter and photographer. His esoteric work enquires into reality and consciousness. The ephemerality and ambiguity of his photographs challenge our perception. His dreamlike paintings often refer to quantum mechanics and Kabbalah.
Tom Barker Books, Photography, and FilmsA range of visual arts centering around photography. Tom has books, photographic images, and motion pictures.
Douglas H. Brown Sr.Habiru House Ministries serves as a clearing house for information and resources on spiritual wholeness, natural healing, and spiritual roots to healing where anyone on the globe can access it and operates as a not for profit portion of the ministry. Our
Laura MicheleI sketch charcoal and pencil pieces, usually at the request of a friend or in order to honor famous personalities. My specialty is portraiture, and I am currently seeking opportunities to create beautiful work for anyone interested in what I do.
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