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Categories :: Literature :: Novels

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Douglas H. Brown Sr.Habiru House Ministries serves as a clearing house for information and resources on spiritual wholeness, natural healing, and spiritual roots to healing where anyone on the globe can access it and operates as a not for profit portion of the ministry. Our
Jill Telford's ArtSharing art visually and through words. Enjoy.
Ellis Burgess - Abstract and Figurative PainterEllis paints in mixed media using oils and acrylic. The subject matter is a translation of musical synergy of movement into an illustrative narrative, using abstract and figurative styles conveying the human form in motion.
DIXIE L. KINGwritings about life, family, change, the future
Beverly Post-SchmelerOriginal paintings in watercolours, oils, and acrylics.
D.T. DziedzicArt for me is not a job, it is not a hobby, it is how I meditate, it is how I connect to the unseen. Whatever medium I'm working with, the creativity is liberating. I want to share that peace.
The Freako DivaThe Freako Diva is a rare blog about opera, classical music and sometimes classical literature. It may sometimes include art and historic landmarks but the main theme is opera. Parodies of librettos and some operatic short stories may also appear. Enjoy!
The Port Of Riches3D artwork for video games, music, writing and videos all created by one artist. Step out of the real world into a world of imagination and science fiction glory. Explore the Port Of Riches
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