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Deede Edele - deedeart

Artist directory :: Deede Edele - deedeart

Please enjoy my collection of artwork. I have created artwork on everything from canvas to stone. Thank you for stopping by!
 Deede Edele - deedeart


Abstracts Abstract creation is oh so much fun to do! I enjoy creating new and exciting forms of painting!

Barnyard Treasure Boxes 

Candlelight 3 items

Christmas  Whimsical handmade Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Fine Art 2 items

Photography 19 items

Fiber Art My Fiber Art Flower Bowl has the patina of a vintage porcelain piece. I use recycled paper forms for all my fiber art pieces with a torn handmade paper and acrylic paint technique on the surface. I chose to use a metallic Renaissance Gold paint as highlights and to cover the interior of the bowl.

Folkart 3 items

Jewelry Welcome to my new gallery of jewelry. Enjoy a few samples of my new collections.

Landscapes All my landscapes involve vibrant colors. Life is colorful and that is the way I paint!

Large Art Pieces 

 Lightswitch covers Add a piece of art to your lightswitch covers all through the house.

Notecards All of the notecards have been created from my original artwork.

People Portraits Colorful backgrounds add a whimsical backdrop for the hues used in skintone, hair and clothing. I use acrylic textures, paper and acrylic paint to create beautiful portraits.

Pet Portraits  Each one of my pet portraits show personality! Pets are my favorite paintings. I love animals!!

Pet Portrait Treasure Boxes 

Primitives 30 items

Smoky Mtn Artwork 15 items

Stills Giving stills a new and creative twist! Always trying new techniques!

Stone Art Stone Art is a wonderful way to create likelike animals and buildings. Keep checking back for new creations to be added. Luke 19:40

3-D FunArt 3 items

Wildlife Treasure Boxes 8 items

Ornaments of Joy Fundraiser Ornaments of Joy Fundraiser for the Military through Mane Support Grief Counseling Programs.

Appalachian Reflections Collaboration Piece Appalachian Reflections is an acrylic collaborative painting by three artists –Susan Tolson, Gail Karnoupakis and Deede Edele. Comprised of nine panels visualizing an Appalachian Sunset over Butterfly Gap in Maryville, Tennessee. Each artist completed three panels; one of the sky, one of the mid-range and one of the foreground, not in vertical order.

Recycled Art Pieces are created with newspaper, cardboard and torn packing paper. Amazing what paper can look like in a new form.



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United States


Deede @ deedeart 
Deede has been creating artwork since childhood in various forms. Growing up in the Midwest, in the country, there were unending opportunities of things to paint or paint on. She really enjoys experimenting with textures, paper and pure colors. Deede specializes in Pet Portraits. Her portraits are unique because of the use of acrylic textures, paper tearing and color pourings on canvas as well as watercolor paper. The colors are vibrant and enhance each subject. Deede's love of animals can be seen in her other artwork as well. She has painted landscapes, stilllife, abstracts and stone animals. People portraits are particularly challenging but with attention to detail, can be very rewarding especially when the people in the portraits see themselves on canvas for the first time! She loves people’s reaction to her artwork! Deede truly hopes you will enjoy looking through her gallery. She has also included examples of her artwork that's not for sale, but will allow you to see some of the...

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