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Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy

Artist directory :: Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy

Collage and Acrylic on Paper, 2013  Button Soup

Colors & Shapes

Easter Egg #1
Easter Egg #1

Sailor's Valentine

Three Moods
Three Moods

Gold Strike 2
Gold Strike 2


Painting to Music #1
Painting to
Music #1

Button Quilt
Button Quilt

Old Buttons
Old Buttons

Sound of Music
Sound of Music

Painting to Music #3
Painting to
Music #3


Landscapes 28 items

Animals 18 items

Figures 9 items

Still Life 28 items

Structures 17 items

7 x 7 = 49 Collection of paintings on 9x12 boards, to be completed over Summer 2013



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Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy 
My paintings explore ordinary, everyday subjects in a simplified way, focusing on lines, colors, textures, shapes, and how the forms fit into their environs. I enjoy unexpected color choices and surprises in perspective. I use traditional and non-traditional tools, as well as mixtures of materials, again in unconventional ways. Typically, I combine ink, charcoal, oil pastel, and acrylic -- in any order -- and also collage on occasion. The materials, as much as the subjects, can be the inspirational starting point. Left over bits of color in the pallet box, a vintage scrap of newsprint, magazine or an old photo, or a wine cork that would make a great stamp impression –any of these can spark the imagination. I like a painting to tell a story, or a snippet of a story. My work tends to travel through phases, from still life compositions to structures, landscapes, and figures, both animal and human. I love not knowing where I'm going with a project until I realize suddenly that I've arrived.

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