Shadi Z Design
Shadi Zafarpour
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Painting Painting
Graphic Paintings
Oil on Canvas
Fine Art Fine Art
Printmaking, Sculptures, Mix Media & etc.
3 Dimensional Design 3 Dimensional Design
Drawing Drawing
Product & Packaging Design Product & Packaging Design
Aryapour Design
Malibu Toys
Technical Drawing  Technical Drawing
Specs for Pricing
Magazine Layout Magazine Layout
Chic Magazine
Marketing Collateral Marketing Collateral
Hancock Park Art Center
CCI Training Center
El Camino College
Jerico Band
Shadi Z Design
Get Fit to Live Fitness
Black & White Series Black & White Series
Ink on Paper
Photo Documentery  Photo Documentery
"Berkeley, a House for Homeless"
Spring 2005
Manual Photography Manual Photography
Undergrad through my lens
CGI Animation CGI Animation
Short Animated Movie called, "King of the Jungle"
3D Modeling, Texturing and Animating
UC Berekeley
Advance CGI Animation Course
Group Project, Spring 2005
Digital Camera Digital Camera