Turkey Boat mates


This is Tom from Germany.

We met many great folk on the boat in Turkey. They were from Austrailia, Germany and Spain. And Turkey.

Photos can be found on this blog:


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Oops, I didn't follow through, did I? I see photos I hadn't noticed before? Is one of them Kerry? I forgot about Martha B and Marve. Marve now lives in Maui and Norm and I stayed with him and Nui one night. Where in Kauai is that cemetery? I don't know how to blog on certain pix as I'm looking at them....
-- Jazzingeri, 10/21/08

Lisa, Very cool pictures. When I have more time, will look and would like to purchase some small versions to perhaps make a collage... or a 4 some.
-- Jazzin Geri, 10/22/07