Please schedule your Spring windows soon as we 
 We have a limited number of spots available

We do not have pricing on our website as there is too many variables i.e. size of windows, theme, detail, ladder work etc. but please reach out to us for free estimates.

Looking for a way to show your team spirit & make your business stand out from the rest? Our Go Canucks Go window paintings are the perfect solution! With our unique designs you can be the ultimate fan!

 We have added an exciting new element to our spring line up you can now have your window painting made into a coloring page for the kiddos, as you can see in the photo above you could use them for a contest or just for fun. We also have many Spring designs to choose from or we can create one just for your business as above. These colorful paintings really attract attention to businesses.

            We have been creating unique forms of art for homeowners as well as businesses in the Fraser Valley for over 30 years now. We started with Christmas window art and progressed to Interior and exterior wall murals, canvas paintings, chalkboard menu art, plywood cut-outs, antiquing furniture etc. We have recently added stencils for you to DIY windows in your home or business to our varied menu. 
 We love to create new things, if you have a unique art idea and need help designing it, we will gladly help you with it. You dream it we will create it!

Update: Our window paintings have been in a few movies now. Watch for our art in the new Christmas Hallmark movies! One was called Christmas on Vine, and Christmas at the Golden Dragon.

CANVAS PAINTINGS (commissioned)
The canvas painting below was made to order, for someone's very special friend. She loves Unicorns, and she helped the 2 people who commissioned it, so they asked that I somehow incorporate their work symbols which were an eagle, a rose and handcuffs. This was a tough one, but as you can see, I created something very unique just for them, (the symbols are on the unicorn's breast plate). The symbolism is that she is carrying them out of the darkness and into the light. They were very pleased with the end result. 
Let me create something unique and beautiful just for you or a loved one. 

We can paint on almost everything from concrete to metal, if you would like to spruce up a wall or fence panel among many other things, we can incorporate logos for businesses etc.

This deer & friends mural above, also has an owl plywood cutout incorporated on it, to show how creative we can be. We also create make to order plywood cutouts for all occasions, as you can see below we have a funny dude plywood cut out stealing the Christmas lights off the fence. We like to add humor sometimes too.


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Annette is a fabulous artist! She did the most amazing job painting my full size carousel horse. Can’t rave enough about her remarkable talent. Thanks Annette.
-- Sabrina, 11/26/20

Professional Quality at reasonable prices/
-- George, 10/9/13

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