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Benjamin Vasserman. Photo by Loit Jõekalda
Benjamin Vasserman. Photo by Jüri J. Dubov
Benjamin Vasserman has a quite original approach in creating his artworks. He does not rely directly on motifs taken from the world around him. Instead, since the 1990s, he has constructed models of geometrical shapes, like of spheres, cubes, cones made of plaster or marble, and using cardboard for support, as well as reels for thread, film strips, ashtrays, bottle corks and other items. Having  created a carefully balanced and illuminated composition, he subsequently made pictures of it. The models were not made for exhibiting, only for observation in order to draw and engrave the print, which for him has always been a lengthy process, working on the composition and on the complicated technique, which is mostly a combination of etching and aquatint. In the 21st century Benjamin has started using  computerized images, where making the model and the picture are simultaneous in virtual space...
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