Caroline was a transplant to Southern California in 2000. Having grown up in Seattle, she lived mostly in New York State before coming to San Diego.  After careers in foundation administration, agency management, social work and art therapy, she resumed her artistic passions.  Some of her art is a response to the Southern California scene, earth, sky and water which she interprets with her own unique perceptions.  International markets, flowers and pathways in life are other themes.  Some of Caroline’s art is informed by spiritual questions about man and God, space and time. 


            My paintings are interpretive realism with an emphasis on color, space and light.  I seek to capture energy and emotion, combining substance and meaning with aesthetics.  I am deeply concerned about the human condition, both in every day life and in the search for the meaning of life.  Expanding methods and materials offer new ways of communicating


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 Caroline Morse ArtistSan Diego, CA858 263 4970