My work as a Scenic Designer evolved naturally from my love of performance and theater and my love of painting and design.  I majored in Theater and Cinema in college with a minor focus on studio art, spending my junior year studying in England and traveling around Europe, attending as many performances, theaters and museums as I possibly could.   After college, I interned as a scenic artist at The Asolo State Theater in Sarasota, Florida. I continued at the Asolo as a scenic artist for 2 more seasons working with nationally recognized designers and honing my craft.  Moving back to Ohio,  I became Charge Artist for The Columbus Scene Shop in Columbus, Ohio where we produced sets for Theater, Ballet, Opera, Television and Industrial Theater for companies all over the United States.  In 1987 I became Charge Artist for BalletMet Scenic, where I designed and painted numerous Ballets, Operas and Industrial Theater sets.  In 2000, I was offered a teaching associate position at The Ohio State University, and received a Master of Fine Arts degree with a focus on Scenic Design.  I continue to work at OSU, teaching and charge painting shows for the Theater Dept. when needed and continue to  work as a free lance designer and artist.


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