Barbara Peterson Crislip was a war-baby born in California, but raised in Minnesota.  She is the daughter of a doctor and nurse and the oldest of eight high-achievers. 

In high school, she tested very high in Artistic and Mechanical aptitude, but instead  elected to study science. No time for electives . . . her path led her to becoming a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

Now retired, Barbara enjoys spending time with her daughter and her grandchildren.

Barbara feels that she has had a most fortunate life . . .  I’ve been fortunate to have lived what has seemed to me to be quite an interesting life, some ups and downs of course, a few regrets, some wishes not yet fulfilled, and many spectacular moments, but all in all, no major complaints.

Barbara is mostly self-taught, but for the last several years she has taken workshops and classes from Rick Surowicz, Angela Grainger, and Mary Marquiss.  

Artist's Statement:

As a relatively new and learning watercolor artist, retirement has afforded me  the time and means to explore a decades-long desire to create beauty. Although I am strongly left brained, I always felt a spark of creativity deep inside, patiently waiting for the right time to bloom. I’ve been encouraged by those who have reminded me that it is never too late to start a new adventure.

I have been fortunate to be able to live and travel to some magnificent areas of the world, filled with nature’s brilliance. I have found that, as valuable as photographs have been, there is something more expressive in capturing the inherent essence of the subject with flowing colors, hinting at the beauty within. I am partial to macroscopic floral depictions, but constantly try to not be drawn into too much detail. I believe the observer has a major part to play in the full appreciation of color and form.


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I love the photos of you. Your studio looks like a wonderful place to be inspired. Miss you, Joan
-- Joan Peterson, 2/19/21