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Looks good Cheryl!
-- Karna Schroeder, 2/19/13

Beautiful artwork, Cheryl! "Winter Tree" takes my breath away!
-- Janet, 11/14/12

Oh my, Cheryl--these are fantastic! Keep up the good work!
-- Deb Switzer, 11/10/12

Cheryl, I have really enjoyed the Glencairn glasses that you painted the Davidson clan badge on. They are beautiful, I get many compliments on them. Cheers!!
-- Tom, 11/4/12

Loved looking at everything Cheryl!! Wish you the best in this!
-- Sheri Castelow, 10/30/12

Your artwork is beautiful and appreciated all around the world!! Love your website!
-- Alida, 10/29/12

Some of the most original and beautiful glass art I've seen; love the mug you customs made!
-- Scott Muhn, 10/29/12

Beautiful site. I love all your work. ~a
-- Anita, 10/27/12

What an amazing website!! Huge variety - a beautiful, compelling website to showcase your work. Now I predict you'll be inundated with orders!
-- Elisabeth D'antoni, 10/26/12

Great Website Cheryl!!! I am so Proud of you!
-- Justin Wiley, 10/26/12

Wow, congratulations on yoir site. You should also list your items on etsy & direct people to buy your items there...or you could setup a buy button next to items curently available. Call me. Happy Birthday.
-- Cherise Everett, 10/26/12

Love it Cheryl! You are a truly gifted artist and more of the world needs to experience you!
-- Anne Rigley, 10/25/12

Please sign me up!
-- Jere Surber, 10/25/12

Beautiful artwork and wonderful artist! Best mosaics in Colorado!
-- Marco, 10/25/12