Endangered Run Off

Endangered Run Off
Endangered Run Off

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Mix Media-Sculpture: Background Recycled Barn Blanks, Muslin Fabric, Acrylic Paint, Wirer

About: When attending a month long Art Residency in New Foundland, Canada, my art supplies showed up late as if they were meant to. I was a bit fustrated so I venture exploring the wonderous terrain hiking in Gros Morne National Park, to Whale watching and Ice Berg tours in St Anthony, even an insectaruim sitting in an indoor garden among butterflies. I truly felt a kinship/appreciation of the various animals, birds, insects and the land itself. I thought about how the ecosystem relies on each other and that in some ways humans have tainted with the organic natural evolution in some ways. That we have lost our spiritual heart essence through our own human experience. It seems time and time again nature is telling us not control nature but be in a harmonious ebb and flow....
I pondered about~ the ways we have contributed to certain species extinction due to clear cutting our forests, mining for coal and oil, ect. I remembered all the sudden one night- envisioning droplets on the wall of my art studio from large to very small. I then decided to focus on various animal studies, not the whole body but just there eyes. For the eyes, in some cultures, say are the windows of one's soul, this notion became vibrational within me a resonance of truth. I thought how often to we ever look deeply into the eyes of our animals and appreciate their co existence in the wondrous world . I thought if given a chance, that is to sit in silent commune with animals, birds and creatures forms, what could they share with us about the natural flow of life to us humans and also humans to share with animals? 
That is why I decided to paint various eye portraits of animals. Some of them possibly going extinct in the near future. What would you viewing the animal before you knowing there possible extinction was to happen, what would this animal want to share to you? 
Just like humans sharing with close relatives/family before passing... what wisdom, healing issues of past before making transition to spirit realm or even making peace during one's life here with others.  
Maybe if we listen and commune in silence here the whispers of wisdom from the animals, insects and all of nature's wonders through their heart speak......

I proceed to take out books on various animals, birds, ect from the local library. I remembered I did have muslin fabric and some wirer in my suitcase to construct these teardrop forms. Why tear drops well I wanted to express an empathic view of what the animals may feel with the repeating of the land that they graze on, eat from and live. I want the viewer to take the time and gaze into the eyes silently to appreciate their existence and to maybe think about how we can all make this environment more habitable with sustainable resources for our future generations to come....just something to ponder indeed in how each of us can make a difference for greater good. 

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