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Darlene Wolfe

Artist directory :: Darlene Wolfe

I believe that all things are interconnected, "The Weave of Life." My exploration through various art mediums: mix media, painting, photography, dance and love of music enhances my creative spirit to share my whimsical artful gems...enjoy

Darlene Wolfe


darlene wolfe 
I have been creating, exploring art since childhood when my brother gave up taking art classes &I took his sketch pad one day. I loved to sit outside and observe nature drawing trees, animals or just doodle. I was inspired by two people in creating art as a child, one being my elementary school Art Teacher Mrs. Flaretty, who was a gypsy like persona. She always adorned herself in jewelry, flowing dresses, wearing sandals to funky boots. I loved how she embraced her carefree spirit with zeal. She nurtured Art Students to simply focused on just playing with art materials. This style of teaching helped me to grow into my originality of expression verses a set art curriculum guideline. Her guidance was to support and allow space to blossom forth my potential...


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Brooklyn, NY
United States


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