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Love the website, & love your art, Cindy! You're incredibly gifted and I'm thrilled to see you doing what you so obviously enjoy! Please keep doing it so we can keep enjoying it too!
-- Mary Byram, 12/22/10

HI!!! Hope all is well!
-- Steve Fortunato, 11/18/10

Hey girl, Billypoodles dirtected to your page so I figured I'd darken your cyber doorway long enough to say 'high' :) HUGS! AJ
-- Aj Evans, 9/2/10

I always knew back at good old Fort Belvoir that I was going to be able to say, "I knew her when!!!" What an incredible talent...what an incredible woman!
-- Shelley Hess, 2/23/10

Great artwork. I enjoyed looking through it.
-- Ben Braddock, 10/22/09

Wow! Your artwork is beautiful. Thank-you for sharing.
-- Linda Wildes, 5/7/09

I knew you'd end up doing SOMEthing with cats. Or glitter glue. Either one.
-- Brian Germain, 4/17/09

Your pictures are fabulous! I love them. Hope we can do something to keep those fabulous cats so wonderful looking!
-- Kathleen, 3/6/09

Great to see your site up
-- Steve Fortunato, 5/28/08

VERY nice website! You are so talented!
-- Blarg Snerd, 5/20/08

Fab job! Your brother, William
-- Bill Brown, 5/19/08