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Nice work. I also specialize in portraits, you can see my stuff at
-- Michael Stevenson, 4/10/13

just stopping by to let you know that i'm loving your work, cousin. I'm in jacksonville now. hit me up sometime @ 904-647-6051
-- Tike Cash, 11/28/12

i love ur drawings... am a sudent of ambrose alli university, here in nigeria... am study fine/applied art, i want to learn some skils from you
-- Ezekiel, 10/7/12

Matthew W Fisherawesome stuff.
-- Matthew W Fisher, 6/12/12

Thank you Frank; I like your work but times have me waiting for what I want.
-- Timothy Mitchem, 8/5/11

Frank you have great work and I would like to purchase. Please give me a call.804-306-3604
-- Phyllis Mccrea Stewart, 3/12/11

Great Work!!
-- Latosha Hailes, 2/4/11

Russell your drawings are good and when I buy another house I will need pics to fill it so I will be looking you up. Keep it moving
-- Alfonza Parker, 1/26/11

-- Dr Randy Silverstine, 10/28/10

Thanks Mr. Frank for leting me view your powerful works . I'm gonna keep my eye's on you for more of your great style, thanks.
-- Darryl Lassiter, 9/16/10

I wll send pictures when I get home.
-- Kevin Vogt, 8/25/10

nephew your drawings and paintings are beautiful i'am very proud of you. God gives gifts of witty invention. to prosper and touch others lives, interested in purchancing some of your work.
-- Carnell Mitchum, 7/14/10

Wow Frank a job well done keep up the good work!
-- Tawanna Singletary, 6/12/10

Oh my Frank! I love your work.
-- Diane Taylor, 5/9/10

Hey Frank! Its your cousin Pam. Just sitting here showing your work. Will be getting in contact with you soon. Love Ya!
-- Pamela Bradley, 2/6/10

My friend after looking at your work I can appreciate the fact that you did not carry on conversation about your work. I respect the fact that you let your work talk for it self. I am impressed with your work and would like to do busniess with you. Thanks
-- Charlie L. Walton Iii, 1/12/10

I'm a fan!
-- Terri Montgomery, 9/16/09

Frank! Nice work stay focus
-- Clauddie Henryhand-king, 8/6/09

-- Frank Hunter, 7/16/09

Whats up brotha keep doing your thing keep your head up.... Love U
-- Maurice Mitchum, 7/12/09